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You should stop wasting money on digital marketing
how mobile wallets work

Apple Wallet is on everyone's phone

Apple Wallet and Google Pay are already installed on your phone. There is no need for the customers to downoad yet another app.

how mobile wallets work

Target people by location

When customers are passing by your store you can send them automated customized messages.


Converting online audience to offline customers is hard

Engage social media followers
Physical cards are slow to scale and expensive
What is the return on investment?
People have too many apps on phone
There are ton of visitors on your social media and they are not converting to actuall buyers.
Physical wallets are getting crowded. Digitize your offers today.
Investing the money in digital marketing and not having the exact data on what value it actually brings to business is a major problem of brick & mortar businesses.
Even if they love your brand your customers will not download yet another app on their phone.
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